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October 31, 2007

It's about time...

It's been over a month since I've posted an entry. There's a correlation between blogging and my life. When I'm on a consistent roll, everything in my life seems to be in order; diet, exercise, devotions, even my checkbook seems to be on track. Thing's haven been out of control...in fact there's been some cool stuff, but I my life hasn't found a good rhythm yet. It all started with a great vacation.

The first week of October we went on my's wife's dream vacation: we did the Disney Cruise. It was awesome! Everything we hoped it would be and more. The weather didn't always cooperate, but we still returned home tan and happy!

When we returned home I left the next day for our district's Pastor's Conference in Pismo Beach. Since I grew up on the central coast, it was nice to get back up to my old stomping grounds. I also took advantage of the opportunity to have some Santa Maria style BBQ at my favorite spot. It's been the same since I was a little kid. Dr Daniel Brown was the guest speaker. He was so practical (as always). Came home on Wednesday (10/17) to celebrate my 41st birthday. If you missed it, you can make up for it by clicking here.

Other random thoughts since I've last blogged...
- Jack and I wrap up the mid-week study we've been doing in Ecclesiastes next Wed nite. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to teach a book verse by verse.
- USC needs a different Offensive Coordinator (and needs to stop the stupid penalties). Additionally, the PAC10 keeps disappointing and thus affirms the legend of the SEC as the best conference in football.
- Artie better pick up A-Rod or we'll be following the Dodgers again.
- Trade Kobe (I can't believe I said that, but the NBA is irrelevant anyway).
- I wonder if my blog could ever have 1/4 the audience of this guy or this one. I guess I'd have to post more.

Lastly, here's two pics of my great kids from earlier this summer. They're cool. If you think they're beautiful you should see their mom! Justin07_07.jpgJordanne07_07.jpg

My Space? At my age?

Ok, I've got to be too old for My Space, Facebook, and any other site like that (I feel like I'm even pushing it with LinkedIn). But I was looking to touch base with a friend who's info I has lost, and I knew they had a My Space page. I looked him up, and then was interested in who his "friends" were...WHOA! Major flashback! All these kids that I was their youth pastor are all grown up, with families and careers. Same for the staff I had that I lost touch with. I'd love to reconnect with them. Oh, no...do I really have to have a My space page to do? That's a little creepy...

If anybody's wondering, here's some "artists who are Christians, but aren't 'Christian Artists'" that I'm listening to: Steve Garrett, MuteMath. And I still think Sara Bareilles is great (although just an "artist"). Not only do they have great music, they all have My Space pages too.

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