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Israel, Day 1

My tribe is holding this year's Convention in Israel. My wife and I are here for it along with participating in one of the tours offered with the package. I'm hoping to post each day for my personal record. It will also be fun to share it with my friends here.

The journey started on Sunday night. We didn't get to bed until about 11:00 PM. My son was nervous about us leaving, so he came in and woke us up about 2 hrs later. That wasn't so bad as we had to be up anyway because Super Shuttle was taking us to LAX at 2:30 AM. We arrived at the airport at about 4:30 AM for our 6 AM flight to Atlanta. From there we caught a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and then on to Tel Aviv. We arrived in Tel Aviv at 3 PM local time today, 5 AM PST. It's almost 10 PM now, so it's been almost 48 hrs with just a few hours sleep (it was impossible on the plane to get any shut eye).

When we got our first glimpse of Tel Aviv, we were amazed how much it looks like the OC. Mountains on one side, ocean on the other with this desert, man-made oasis in between. We loaded on buses to transport us to tonight's lodging.

Tel Aviv Sunset at the Mediterranean.
The ancient port of Joppa is over my shoulder.

The hotel is decent; it reminds us of a mid-budget, high-rise, condo complex off the strand in Myrtle Beach. The view is awesome as we overlook the Mediterranean. My dad, brother, and bro-in-law met up with us here. I'm excited to share this experience with Jayme and these important men in my life. After dinner, my brother and bro-in-law took a walk with Jayme and I along the coastline. We snapped some shots, and then jumped in. The water temp was warmer than the air (probably around 80-84 or so). We caught some waves, took a stroll, and headed back. After a much needed shower I'm ready to turn in as we've got a busy day tomorrow, heading north to Tiberias and the Galilee region with a stop in Capurnium - The ministry base for Jesus.

Some quick thoughts...
Lufthansa's seats are way too close together.
There's no food or restrooms inside the gate area at Frankfurt's airport.
The Mediterranean is really salty and really beautiful.
I'm really tired.


PS: To view all my photos from today, CLICK HERE

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