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Solomon (Tony) Soprano?

1 Kings 2:46
Thus the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon.

Here are David's instructions to his son as he hands the rule of Israel to him:
- Kill Joab (David's cousin and once one of his "mighty men" who supported the rule of Adonijah, Solomon's older brother, who tried to usurp the throne).
- Get rid of Shimei (a distant relative of Saul's who cursed David).

Not only did Solomon do these things, but also had Adonijah executed. Benaiah, who was the head of Solomon's army carried these orders out. This sounds a little too much like a popular TV show. It's so hard for me to keep in mind the tribal rule of ancient Israel and not sanitize it into some Biblical fairy tale of Kings and ogres, priests and villians.

To be honest, it is still hard for me to understand God's use of death as judgement in the OT. Sometimes I have to wrestle (often unsuccessfully) with these kind of passages. I don't have anything "insightful" to say about them. Sometimes I have to express my frustration with them. I must also express my intregue with them. There's this wierd "I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart" vibe to all of this. This is all a little too much for a gloomy Monday afternoon.

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