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He Restores Me

Psalm 23:3
He restores my soul...

Sandwiched between the tender ways God leads (besides still waters...in the paths of righteousness...) is this thought, He restores my soul. My health - not just spiritually, but emotionally and physically, my complete wellness, is important to my Shepherd. He does not want me functioning at less than 100%. He also realizes that there are many things that drain me. Piled up, they become things that wear and break me down. So with attention and affection He has placed in my life some things that are restorative to my life.

One of the largest contributions to my restoration is friendship. To feel God's acceptance and enjoyment of you expresed through the hands and smile of a friend is very restoring. Creativity is something thatis also refreshing and restorative for me. Writing a piece of music, or messing with my blog site brings something of significant value to my life. In my personal list of life values, creativity is very high - "creativity is when I feel most 'like' God" (in His image).Solitude is also important to me. There is a reason why solitude is considered to be a spiritual discipline. It doesn't happen by accident. But in a quiet moment of the day, like right now, my "system" is being flushed of the residue that clogs the flow of His life in me.

My wellness is important to my Heavenly Father. Not just my "health," but my wholeness. Lord, thanks for restoring me today.

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