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What about me? What about him?

John 21:19
And when He had spoken this, He said to him, “Follow Me.”

One of the tools used in a movie to carry a story along is the "flashback" - a cene that recalls a preious scene that answers a question or prepares the character for future action. This whole scen in John 21 is a flashback to the disciples' orginal call to follow Jesus. Here, Jesus uses the exact same words He originally did to remind Peter of His choice of him.

Jayme and I have been in kind of a flashbck to our call to Irvine in the last 6 weeks. Many events and memeories hve flooded our hearts during this challenging season to remind us of the sovreign way the LORD brought us here. Still, I find myself responding in my circumstances as Peter did. Instead of feeling affirmed or impassioned by the reminder of my call, I choose to compare - "what about him? (v. 21). The last words of Jesus recorded by John eacho back in my own empty search for validation, "what is that to you?" (v. 22) I had mademany assmuption about what this whole thing would look like. When it didn't turn out how I thought, the only place my pride could find fuel was to compare myself to others - why they seemed to be blessed with more than me? It's really saying, "I'm not getting my share out of this. I deserve better. What about me?"

Jesus responds again -"You follow me." That's where all the self-pity has to end. It leaves no room for comparision with others. Lord, I will follow You.

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